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4G Filter Aerial Problems

Homes robbed of TV signal by 4G mobile network

Millions of households will suffer interference from image distortion to total loss of some channels.
Most will be able to fit a filter to block the signal,
but some families living within 2 km of a 4G mast may lose their freeview reception all together and will have to move to Freesat to
get a television signal

Picture or a mobile phone transmitter

Some may need to switch from freeview to satellite television providers.

The problem is that the Government have sold the top of the TV frequency spectrum off to the 4G mobile phone companies.

This means that frequencies above 800 MHz which are channels 62 to 68 are no longer part of the TV Spectrum .

Also if you are close to the 4G Mast you may get interference on frequencies above 700 MHz, channels 49 to 62.
The 4G providers have to guarantee to the government that 94% of homes can pick up the 4G signal in front room of the house, so the signal has to be very strong to achieve these levels.

Most 4G filters block signals from 790 MHz onwards.  So if you still get problems with your reception after fitting a filter you may have to switch to a different television transmitter or move to Freesat or SKY as you may not be able to block the problem out.