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How an Aerial Works

How an Aerial Works

If you look at an aerial

The aerial consists of an arm
with elements across it
 at different intervals.
Then at one end it
looks like it has got wings.

Picture of aerial


What does it all mean?
If you look at the diagram below we 
will try to make some sense of it all

 Diagram of an aerial and it's parts

The First part of the aerial to look at is the Dipole which fits between t  the reflector or wings as we call them .

The Dipole is the main part of aerial as it picks the TV signal up and sends it down the aerial cable to your Television.

The Dipole  is where you connect the aerial cable to.

Then you come to the Directors.

These are sometimes called the elements of the aerial.
Their job is to direct the TV signal towards the Dipole of the aerial.

You will see adverts

For 50 or 90 element aerials.

This means that more elements or directors on an aerial means more signal is sent down the aerial towards the dipole. 

Picture of an Aerial on a Pole

The reflectors or wings on the aerial has two jobs. 
First they stop the TV signals that the directors have collected going any further than the end of the aerial and they reflect the TV signal back to the Dipole.

Picture of the reflectors on the back of an aerial

They also stop unwanted TV signals coming in from the back end of the aerial.

So when installing an aerial make sure the reflectors are at the back end of the aerial and the front end points towards the transmitter

Picture on which way to point an aerial