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Sky Freesat Multiroom DIY-Aerial Market

The web page below will give you information on how to fit sky/Freesat  multiroom

in your House plus at the
end of the web information page the
parts to do the job

To fit Sky or Freesat Multiroom to your house
you should first look at your satellite dish to see which
LNB is fitted to it.
The LNB is the device on the end of the dish arm with the cable
going into it
LNB Stands for, Low Noise Block
The device receives the microwaves from the satellite
and converts the signals to a lower frequency to go
down the cable to your sky box or freesat box

Picture of freesat or sky dish

If you have a dish that looks like this one it means that you have a single feed LNB as you only have one cable coming from it.

The first thing you will have to do is you have to say to yourself how many Sky or Freesat box's do i need in my house
now or in the future
Don't forget that any Sky or Freesat recorder box will need 2 cables
So lets say you have a sky HD recorder box in your front room and you want to put 3 standard box's in the bedrooms
For this install you will need five cables from the dish
Which means you will have to fit an sky octo LNB witch has eight outputs 
Picture of sky octo LNB

Picture of a Octo LNB

If when counting how many points you need and its four or
less than four
You can use a quad LNB

Picture of quad 4 way LNB

Picture of sky or freesat multi room

Picture of sky or freesat multi room

One thing to remember is the cable you use, must be satellite
cable . Because of the high frequency's being used from the
LNB to the satellite receiver the cable being used must have
a sheathing under the braiding of the cable .The picture below
is the right cable to use as the cable is being used as a dish

Picture of satellite cable with sheathing

The picture below is the wrong cable to use. This is the old type
aerial cable that has only braiding and will not cope with the high
frequency's from the LNB

If you are careful you can then
fit a 4 way or an 8 way LNB
We say be carful NOT to move the
dish while you are fitting the LNB

Picture of sky dish with 8 way LNB

After fitting the Quad or octo LNB you can install cables from the satellite dish to the rooms where you want satellite in your house. 
This means that in each room you want to put a satellite box you will have a cable from the dish to that room .
But don't forget if you put a sky plus or a freesat recorder in a
room you will need 2 cables from the dish to that room

Im sure you will be able to install the cables from the dish to each room all it takes is a bit of planning some clips and where the run of the cables are going around the outside of your house

Then all you have to do is fit an F connectors on each end of the cables

Picture of F connectors

If you have never fitted F connectors on satellite cable before
please use the Video below to help you do this

Video on how to put on a satellite plug

You then install the freesat or sky box,s on the end of the cables in each room

                                    Picture of 3 different types of sky box

Terry recommends the following
products to help you install your
Sky multi room for Freesat or Sky Boxes


Quad LNB

4 Outputs

Only £23
Picture of an quad LNB

Can be used to run 4 satellite cables to different parts of the house
If you are buying this LNB you might like to look at our cable kits below 

Octo LNB

8 outputs


Picture of an Octo LNB

Can be used to run 8 Satellite cables to different parts of the House
If you are buying this LNB you might like to look at our cable kits below 

The complete cable kit in Brown

40 meters of Brown cable , 4 x roman nose's  , 40 clips,
and  8 screw on  F connectors

Only £19.99



The complete cable kit in White

40 meters of white cable, 4 x roman nose's , 40 clips
and 8 screw on F connectors

Only £19.99




The Full Kit

Only £39

Consists of a Quad LNB and 40 Meters of Brown Cable
40 Clips ,4 x Roman Nose's
 plus 8  screw on F