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Pixilation , Blocking ,on your TV why and the solution

Pixilating Blocking
on your TV

A digital picture quality is very good or poor
One of the major problems with a digital TV
picture is Pixilation or blocking or maybe freezing

Picture of television screen with pixilation

The problem with the TV is the signal coming from
the aerial is too high or too low or it could be the
TV itself.
To see if its the TV , just put another TV on the same
aerial point and if you get the same problem then its
the TV ,but if the problem is on the second TV as well
then you need to do some work on your aerial system.

The first thing that a lot of people will reach for is some
kind of aerial amplifier or booster.

as this can cause more problems with your TV signal.
This can increase ( C/N ) Carrier Noise in the signal ,
Witch in the trade is known as the cliff effect.

This means you could lose your TV pictures altogether ?

You also could have had an amplifier fitted when the signal
was low before digital switch over and this could be
causing the problem now with to much signal ?
So try taking the aerial amplifier off see if it makes a

Without any kind of any signal measuring equipment you
will have to go down the road of elimination .

First of all go outside if your aerial is on the roof .Take
a pair of binoculars .
Look at your Aerial are any of the elements missing are the 
back reflectors still in place. Your aerial should look like the 
aerial below 

Picture of an aerial

If the aerial looks in tacked then look at the size of the
aerial ,is it the same as the houses around you .You could 
have a small aerial that means small gain .

Then start to look at the aerial cable coming down from the aerial 
see if you can see any taped up joins or cuts .(If you look at our section on aerial cables you can see the kind of things to look for )

Picture of a damaged aerial cable

At the end of the day a good aerial install without any amplification is a much stronger signal than an installation with a aerial amplifier or booster as you could just be amplifying a low rubbish signal witch will give you all sorts of problems .

If your aerial is in your attic space or loft then this also could cause a problem with low signal levels. So its always best if possible to get your aerial on the outside of the building as you will get a much stronger TV signal .

  • As we said at the beginning of this topic that you could also could have to much signal.
The best way to try and combat this sort of signal problem .
Is to get yourself a signal  adjustable attenuator as below

Picture of an signal attenuator

The attenuator is fitted in-line with the aerial cable that plugs into your TV

With the television on you will adjust the signal level by turning the little red screw on the end of the box .
This will decrease the signal level as you watch the TV and if your pixilation stops then you had to much signal .

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