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How to install a Chimney Lashing Kit with an aerial corner bracket

This web page gives you information and a video to help you install an aerial chimney bracket.

We also sell the parts to do the job 
at the end of this page

There are three different corner brackets you could use when installing a corner bracket on a chimney with a lashing kit and two different lashing kits.

Which bracket you use depends on the size of pole is being used.

Lets start with the standard aerial installation.

This normally has a 6 ft pole so I would use a 6" chimney corner

bracket with a small lashing kit.

                              Like the picture below


Picture of a 6" chimney corner bracket with a small lashing kit

If the aerial needs to go a bit higher to gain more signal and a 10 ft pole is used, I would then use a 9" chimney corner bracket with a small lashing kit.

Picture of a 9" Chimney corner bracket with lashing kit

Then, any aerial installation using bigger than 10ft pole, I would use a 13" cradle bracket with a large lashing kit 

Picture of a 13" cradle chimney bracket with a large
lashing kit

The difference between a small lashing kit and a large lashing kit is the U Bolts used in the kit.

Picture of a U Bolt

The U Bolt is used to hold the pole onto the bracket.
There are two U Bolts used on a corner bracket.

You will find that when you are using a longer pole the width of the pole is larger and the smaller the pole the width is smaller.

So on a 10 ft or 6ft pole you can use a small lashing kit with small U Bolts.

But, anything that is over 10ft you will need a large lashing kit with large U Bolts.

The lashing kits in the trade are called a large poly kit or a small poly kit and look like the picture below.

Picture of a poly kit

Before you start to install your lashing kit with corner bracket work out which corner bracket and which lashing kit you will need for the job in hand.

Always install your lashing kit lower than the top three courses of brick on your chimney.

Before you start any work on a chimney check the structural stability .
Check that the mortar is not crumbling away.
Give the chimney a good push, see if it moves ?

Picture of unstable Chimney Breast

You then start by taking the parts out of your poly kit (lashing kit).

You should have in the poly kit a 

length of lashing wire

2 x j bolts

3 x corner plates

and 2 u bolts

like the picture below

Picture of a lashing kit

To start the install of the lasing kit you
would first take one end of the lashing wire and

Picture of lashing wire

 splice a loop on the end of the lashing wire so it fits over the end of the J Bolt     

The reason you splice the lashing wire is because of the strain on the join and you don't want the aerial coming down on someones head so this is a important part of the lashing kit install.                

If you look at the VIDEO link below you will find a video we have put together to help you with the splicing of lashing wire. 

Video on wire spicing                                  

The good thing is you can splice the one end of the lashing wire when you are on the ground before you go up the ladder to the chimney.

You then take the nut of the J Bolt and fit it into one of the center holes in the corner bracket.

Picture of a 9" inch chimney corner bracket

You now need to position the corner bracket on the corner on the chimney.
Now take the other end of the lashing wire over or around the chimney so it ends up at the other side of the corner bracket.
You would have inserted the other J Bolt on the opposite side of the corner bracket so the J of the J Bolt is ready to have the lashing cable spliced onto it. 
You would then tighten the lashing cable by pulling the end you have not connected yet towards you.
Now wrap the end of the lashing wire around the end of the J Bolt but 
leave a little space as you have to insert the corner plates behind the lashing wire on each corner of the chimney. Now splice the lashing wire in a loop over the J Bolt.  

Picture of a corner plate

Before you start tightening the lashing wire the corner plates need to be put in place behind the lashing wire on the corners of the chimney, The corner plates stop the lashing wire cutting into the brick

You are now ready to tighten the nuts on the J Bolts 
This will in turn tighten the lashing wire around the chimney.
When you have finished you can insert the two u bolts into the corner bracket ready to hold the aerial mast.

Please watch our video showing you howto install a aerial bracket on a chimney lashing kit

Video on how to install a chimney corner Bracket

    Terry recommends a few items below to help you with your corner bracket and lashing kit install below

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Kit 1

      Only £15.00

6" Chimney corner bracket with
a small lashing kit


Picture of a 6 inch corner Bracket
with Small lashing kit



Kit 2

   Only  £18.00

 9" Corner chimney Bracket with
a small lashing kit

Picture of a 9 inch corner Bracket with
a Small lashing kit



kit 3

Only £22.00

 13 " cradle corner bracket
with a large lashing kit   


Picture of a 13 inch cradle Bracket with
a Large lashing kit



kit 4 

Only £8.00

                         Small lashing kit                      


Picture of a small lashing kit  

Contains Lashing wire,  2 x j bolts,

3 times corner plates ,

Plus 2 x u bolts



kit 5

      Only £10.00              

Large Lashing kit 


Picture of a large lashing kit

Consists of lashing wire , 2 x j bolts,

3 x corner plates and 2 x u bolts


kit 6

Only  £5.00

2 x Small U Bolts 

Picture of 2 small u Bolts
Used to hold the pole to the Bracket

kit 7


2 x large U Bolts
Used to hold the Pole to the Bracket

Picture of 2 large u Bolts

If you would like more information on fitting
aerial wall brackets then go to the link below
that will take you to our topic page on installing
aerial wall brackets,