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How to fit an Aerial Coax Plug

This web page gives you information
and a video on how to fit an aerial coax plug

To fit an aerial plug firstly
fit the clamp over the cable with the threaded end towards the end of the cable.
Strip off the last 22mm of the outer insulation of the cable and
fit the metal collett claw over the cable with the claw away from the end of the cable.
Fold back the outer braided screen over the claw and trim with a pair of cutters so that the individual wires of the braid do not overlap beyond the pointed ends of the claw.
Trim off the center insulation material leaving 3mm of insulation showing.
Bend a slight kink in the inner core this will make a better connection between the inner core and the plug center pin.
Slide the inner core connector over the inner core of the cable with the pin away from the cable and push on until it butts up to the center installation of the cable, trimming off any part of the inner core of the cable that protrudes beyond the end of the pin.
Slide the outer body of the connector over the inner core with the threaded end towards the cable.
Screw the clamp to the body of the plug.
When you have put the plug together it should be impossible to pull the aerial plug off the end of the aerial cable.


Picture of the parts of a coax aerial plug

We have put a video together on how to
fit a coax plug to aerial cable
Please view the video

Video on putting on an Aerial plug

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