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How to fit a satellite F connector onto sky or satellite cable

How to Fit a
SKY/Satellite Connector
onto a Cable

First you need an"F" connector like the picture above. 
Then you need to cut the sheathing back on your aerial or satellite cable to around 20 cm.
You then cut the dielectric, this is the plastic between the center core  of the cable and the braiding.
Your cable should look like the picture below

Picture of a dressed cable  

Then, you put the "F" connector onto the end of the cable and turn the "F" connector in the clockwise direction.
You will find as you do this the "F"connector will tighten onto the satellite cable.

Picture of how an F connector fits onto a cable

When the "F" connector is nice and tight on the end of the satellite cable look into the end of the connector.  You should see just the center core of the cable.
If you see any braiding you will have
to take it apart and start again as
you cannot have braiding touching
the centre core.  The satellite cable
 carries a small voltage which will be shorted out if this happens.

Terry Has Put a video together to help you

Video on Putting on Sky Freesat f connector