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How and what to do when your sky box says no signal

What to do when your Sky Box says No Signal

 Start by looking up at your Sky or freesat dish outside your house and see if any of the pictures below resemble your sky dish

picture of a Sky Dish upside Down
      Your Dish upside Down    


Picture of a dish covered in snow   
 If you would like to look our topic on
snow on sky or freesat dish please click
on the link below

Picture of a Sky disk with a Broken LNB Bracket

Or your LNB could be Broken off
If this is the case Please click our link below to help solve this problem

If the dish on the
outside of your house looks ok

and not like the pictures above
then dish could have moved out of alignment
Maybe you have had strong winds and they have
moved the dish out of alinement to the satellite

To adjust it back you can call a satellite engineer
or you can look at our topic on installing a sky dish
by clicking the link below

So if you think you dish is ok it could be the cable
coming from the dish to the freesat or sky box
Check it look down it and see if there are any joins

Picture of bad join in cable

Or it might have been cut while you where gardening
or an animal could have chewed the cable
If you find the cable cut or it has a bad join please look at
our link below on how to repair satellite cable
by clicking on it

If you have checked every thing outside the problem
could be inside behind the satellite box

When looking behind the satellite box first thing to do
is check the screw on F connections coming from the
dish to the back of the sky box or freesat box .
They look like the picture below

Picture of F connector

Check that they are nice and
tight by turning them clock wise

Picture of dish cables that are connected to the back
of the sky or freesat box

You might find that the cable has fallen out of the F connector

If you look at out topic on fitting a F connector this should help
you put the F connector back on

Please click the link below if you wish to
do this

Ok you have done every thing above and it still says
no signal on you television
Now check that the cables from the sky of freesat box
are tightly fitting into there sockets on the back of
the television and on the back of the satellite box
As it could be the television saying no signal not
the satellite box
You will have an connection called a HDMI cable like
the picture below

Picture of TV connected to television by HDMI cable

Or if you have an older type box you could have a scart
connection . Looks like the picture below

Picture of scart connection

Just push then into the sockets on the TV and the
sky box or freesat box make sure they are tight fitting

The last thing to try is the sky or freesat box it self
The only way you can do this is ask a relative or
friend if they have a working sky or a freesat box you can
borrow for a short time just to try .

If you get a spear box and plug it in and you get your sky
or freesat picture back then its your box is faulty but
if you still have no signal on your tv there must be a problem
with your dish or cable so check it again.

Well if all this does not work you will have to call out a satellite