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How to set up a Sky Magic Eye to work on a second Television

This web page will show you the easy and
inexpensive way to set up
your own sky magic eye link,

and to give you pointers
if you are trying to repair
a sky magic eye link.

Picture of a Sky Remote control plus a Magic Eye

If you have a new Sky HD
Box with NO aerial connections
and wish to fit a Sky IO link,
please click on the link below which 
will take you to our web page
on how to fit an IO Link.

 Installing a Sky Magic eye

The first thing to make sure is that the second 
Television you are going to fit the Sky Magic eye to has 
an Analogue tuner.

Yes an Analogue tuner! 
I have been to a few houses where they have brought a nice
new L.E.D TV for the bedroom and cannot tune it in to an
existing Magic Eye system because the new television 
only has a digital tuner.
This tuner will not tune into the signals from the Sky Box
as they are analogue signals. 

Now you have checked that your second
television has an analogue 
tuner the first job is to install an
aerial cable from the Sky box to
where you want to put the second television.

Picture of an aerial/Sky cable

After you have installed the aerial
cable between the second TV and
the sky box you then fit an aerial
plug on each end of the aerial/Sky cable. 

Picture of aerial plug fitted to aerial/Sky cable

How to put an aerial plug onto aerial cable

First cut the sheathing (outer casing) off the cable about
one inch from the end and pull the outer casing off.
Then, pull the braiding back over the cable and
 cut the plastic around the center core back about 1/2 inch.
When you have completed this the
 cable should look like the picture below. 

Picture of cable ready to fit an aerial plug

You then take apart the aerial plug by unscrewing it and then
 fit the clamp over the cable with the threaded end
towards the end of the cable.  Fit the metal
collett claw over the braiding with the claw away
from the end of the cable which should be
 holding the braiding under it. 
The pin is then fitted over the center core and the body of the pin is then screwed on to the clamp.

Picture of the parts of an aerial plug

The aerial plug you fitted at the cable end next to the sky box
needs an extra part fitting on it to turn it into a female aerial plug.
This is called a coax aerial barrel. 
It will fit onto the RF2 connection
coming out of the back of the sky box
as this is an aerial male end. 

Picture of a coax aerial barrel    
When fitted, the coax aerial barrel  should turn the end of the aerial plug
into a female end like the picture below

Picture of a male aerial on left and female plug on right

You then fit the female aerial plug
into the RF2 socket on the back of the sky box.

Picture of the connections on the back of a sky box

On the other end of the aerial cable,
the one next to the second TV. 
you fit another aerial plug which can
be plugged into the magic eye.

Then the other end of the Magic
eye fits into the television aerial
socket on the back of the television set.

Picture of a sky magic eye

So, you now have the one end of
the aerial cable fitted to the Sky Box 
downstairs and the other end
fitted into the Magic Eye that is fitted 
to the second television upstairs. 

Picture of a sky magic eye setup

The next job is to turn the Magic
Eye on as the Magic Eye needs
9 volts to work and may need 
manually switching on at the Sky
box end.
When switched on a little red or
green light is shown on the Magic Eye.

If you install your Magic Eye and
the red or green light is ON
on the magic eye
then you do not have to read
the next part of this web page.

Picture of a sky Magic eye with the 9 volts turned on

 I will now show you how to
turn the 9 volts on using the setup
Menus on a New HD Box and Old
type Sky + Box as pictured below.

Picture of a sky HD box (top)
and a sky plus box (bottom)

I'm going to explain how to switch
the 9 volts for a MagicEye on a
Sky HD Box first 
as there are two different types
of sky box with two different ways
to switch on the 9 volts to the sky magic eye.


The first info is for a black Sky HD Box

On the Sky HD Remote control use the up button to
take the yellow cursor up to the top tool bar
Then move the cursor along to the right until
you get to the spanner.

Picture of services and select button
on a sky remote control

Then press the select button.
You will then see the second
tool bar down the cursor will
light the picture icon up yellow. 

You then have to go to a secret service menu
The way to get the secret menu is as follows

You then press 0,1 select on you SKY remote control
This will change the bottom tool bar to different symbols.
If you look along you will see a icon marked RF Out.
Move the cursor along with the right arrow on your remote control
When the RF OUT is highlighted yellow press the select button
on your remote control.
This will bring the screen up below. 

Picture of a sky menu

You will see that you get two lots of information.
The first is the channel number at which the sky box is putting out its RF signal.
This is the channel number you will have the tune the second television into.
 The RF Outlet Power Supply line tells us if the 9 volts for the Magic Eye is switched on or off. 
On the picture above you can see its switched off so to get it to the on position we need to move the yellow cursor down with the arrow pointing down on your sky remote control.

When you have moved the cursor to RF Outlet Power supply you need to toddle between the left and right arrow buttons on you sky remote control until you see the icon change to on. 
When the icon says on this is then supplying 9 volts to the RF2 aerial socket on the back of the sky box to work the Magic Eye.

But, don't forget,when you have turned the 9 volts on you have to press the GREEN button on your Sky remote control to save setting.


     Video showing how to turn the
        9 volts on a Sky HD Box  




                   On an old type
Sky box. how to turn
on the 9 volts to
work the magic eye.

First you press Services on you Sky Remote Control
The picture on your television should look like below. 


Picture of a sky menu

You then press number 4 on your Sky Remote control and it
should look like below again. 

Picture of a sky menu

Then you enter the secret service menu

Then you press 0, 1 on your Sky Remote Control.


Picture of a sky menu

Then press 4 then select on your Sky Remote Control. The menu below should come onto your television screen

Picture of a sky menu

Like on the HD box you should check that the
RF Power is on

Then when you have finished don't forget to go down to 
save new settings and press select to save all you have changed. 

Please watch the Video
Below on how to turn on the
9 volts for a old type Sky + Box
Or Standard Sky Box

Tune Second TV

The next job to do is tune the second television  into the sky box if its not already tuned in.
First of all make sure that the light is on your magic eye. 
Then go to the main television where the sky box is and press theTV guide button on the Sky remote control. This should give you this
picture on your main television.


Picture of a sky menu

Then go to the second television and put the television into an auto scan mode on the analogue tuner.
Most Sky boxes are set on channel 68 as the RF output so you will find that it could be at the end of the scan before the sky channel comes up. Once this is done you save the menu on channel number 1 on the analogue part of the television set .
Now try using you Sky remote control on the magic eye and you should find that it will change channels on the sky box from the second television set.

When you have got your Magic Eye
working, to save you going up and down
stairs with the same Sky Remote, why not
have two Sky Remote Controls one upstairs and one downstairs! 
get information on how to find and install the code to make the sky Remote to work on your TV.

Picture of Sky Remote Control

Click the link below if you wish to
go to our Sky Remote control Web Page

Terry has put together a few Kits
 below that may help you set up a  magic eye yourself.

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Kit 1

 Sky Magic eye

Only £12.00

This item is used to change
channels on the second
TV in the bedroom from
the Sky Box in another Room.

Picture of Sky Magic eye


Kit 2


15 meters of white
Sky/Aerial Cable

Only £11.90

Cable to go from the sky box
to the second TV with all the
connections fitted. 
The connections are screwed on
so cable can be cut to length and
the connectors can be screwed back on
Plus 15 Cable Clips

Picture of Aerial or Sky/Freesat Cable


Kit 3

The Full Magic Eye install Kit

Only £19.90

We have put together this kit so you have
every thing you need to install your magic eye
for a second TV.
The kit consists of a Magic eye, 15 meters of white cable, 15 cable clips and all the connections to fit the kit to your sky box and to the second TV.