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How to Repair a Sky , Freesat ,cable or Aerial cable When cut in two .

Repair that Sky, Freesat or
Aerial Cable Yourself

This web page will show you
the easy and inexpensive way to repair a
Sky or Aerial cable when cut in two Yourself

We also supply the parts
for you to carry out
this inexpensive repair Yourself as well

Picture of Sky Freesat cut cables

This repair will cost you just a Few pounds
and a few minutes of you time

You start by cutting the ends of the broken cables for a clean cut.

  You will need to put a
satellite Connector on the
ends off each of the broken
cables and its good to
start with a nice straight edge

Don't worry when we say
satellite connectors
as this repair is for Aerial as well as
Satellite cable

You will now need 2 satellite
connectors as in the picture below

Picture of " F "Connector or also known as a satellite connector

How to put Satellite Connectors on the ends of the clean cut cable

Cut the sheathing (the outer casing) of the cable about 1 inch from the end of the cable and pull outer casing off.
Then pull the braiding back over the cable.
Then cut the plastic around the center core back about 1/2 inch.
When you have completed this the cable should look like the picture below.

Picture of cable ready to fit a satellite connector

You then align the satellite
Connector onto the end of
the cable and turn
the Connector Clockwise.
You will find as you do this the
Connector will tighten onto
the cable.

Picture of how a satellite plug fits onto cable

You should end up with the
satellite Connector on the cable looking
like the picture below

Picture of satellite connector fitted to cable

The center core of the
cable should be like the
picture above.
So if its longer just snip it off

Next you will need a
satellite cable inline connector.

Picture of satellite cable inline connector

The satellite inline connector
will allow you to screw the satellite
Connectors onto each end
which will in turn connect together the
two cables you have put the satellite
connectors onto

Pictures of how the satellite connectors fit
onto the cable to join it together
and the
Self-Amalgamating Tape
wrapped around to make
the connection weather proof

If the connection is being used Outside
You will have to put the
Self-Amalgamating Tape
on the connection
to weather proof the connection

If You Buy a Kit from us
you will get the special
Self-Amalgamating Tape
as part of the Kit

Please watch the video
below if you are  thinking
of buying one of our kits to
give you some tips on how
easy it is to install one of our kits

The self-Amalgamating Tape
is a special tape is like a rubber coating
and gives a good water tight seal. It is
much better than plastic insulating tape.

( The Water Will Not Get In )

If you want to carry out
savings with an inexpensive Repair Kit,
A Repair Kit that only takes a
small amount of your time to install
and a quality product that's has
good and easy install instructions

If you need this Kit as soon
as possible delivered Free of charge
Direct to your door and is a solution to
your DIY problem

So why don't you give our Kit a try

Kathy From London tried one of our Kits
and sent the following email

Thanks for sending so promptly
I'm feeling pleased I fixed it myself
Thanks for your on-line instructions

All the D.I.Y Kits below are sent by
first class post for a fast
next day Delivery

For Payment you can use

Number 1 Kit

Only £2.99

This kit has all the
parts to carry out an easy Repair
to a Single
Aerial or Sky cable

Number 2 Kit

Only £4.89

This Kit can be used if you have two cables from a
Satellite Dish
Two cables are used if you have a Sky or freesat recorder box

Number 3 Kit

Only £4.89

This Kit Can be used
with Twin cable or
what is called in the
trade sky (Shotgun cable)

See the picture below 

Picture of sky twin
shotgun satellite
cable with connectors

Used also on a Sky HD Plus Freesat
Recorder Boxes'

Why do we need a third Kit

This kit is for the shotgun
twin cable because the
cable has a smaller
dimension than a single cable.
A standard Satellite cable
is around 7mm round
whereas shotgun twin cable
is made up of two 4mm
cables joined together.

So, this means you
need a smaller satellite connector
This is called a shotgun F connector

Kit 3 has the
smaller shotgun " F " connectors