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When is the analogue FM AM radio signal being switched off

When is FM Radio
being Switched Off?

Picture of FM radio dial

The Government wanted it to be the year of
2015 but it could be this year or 2025 as 
there is no firm date anywhere on this subject.

It depends on so many factors
such as DAB radio take up. 
 Manufactures have only just started
putting DAB radios into cars.

Picture of DAB radio in car

Then there is always the incentive
of the extra channels that you can only get on DAB. 

Radio 4 Extra 
BBC World Service
Planet Rock 
Absolute 80,s

But, the take up has been very
slow. A lot of people say the
coverage is not as good as the FM AM Signal.

Picture of coverage of radio signal

It has also been said that when they
switch off the FM AM Signal they
may as well switch of the DAB as well.
This is because of the coverage
of the new 4G Service.
 The Service providers may put Digital
radio on the 4G phone service free of charge,
so you could end up using
your Phone as your Digital Radio.
Well, who carries
a camera around with them any more!

All I can say is time will tell!