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How to install a sky io-link

How to install an Sky
I O Link

If you have just upgraded your sky box
you will find that the connection that sends the
signal to the TV upstairs is no longer there.

The connection would have been an RF 2 on the back
of your Old Sky Box.
But, on the new sky Box there are no Aerial connections.

Picture of connections on the back of your old Sky Box sky box

As you can see in the picture below
On the new Sky boxes
there are NO Aerial links on the back of
the new sky box

Picture of the back of a Sky HD Box

To solve this problem you need to fit an IO-Link.
See picture below

Picture of a Sky IO Link

To fit the IO link you fit the connection
on the end of the cable into
the IO connection on the back of the new box

Picture of connection of an IO link on back of sky box

At the back of your TV you will find two aerial
cables left by the sky engineer
that look like the ones below

Picture of male and female aerial connectors

One will have a female connector and the other will have a male connector.

You now fit the male connector into the RF output
on the IO Link and the female fits onto the RF Out.

Picture of connections on a sky IO link

Please look at the video
below put together
to help you fit your IO Link

Video on how to fit a Sky IO Link

When you have the IO link connected
to the sky box and the aerial cables
connected to the IO link it's time
to set up the sky IO link to work.

First turn on you TV and your sky box.

When you have the sky picture on your TV
Press the SERVICES button on you sky remote control.

Picture of what buttons to press
on a sky remote control

Press the right arrow button on you sky remote control to SETTINGS

Picture of sky menu

Then Press the arrow button on your sky remote
control to highlight PICTURE.

You then press the 0 then 1 button followed by SELECT.

This will then take you into a secret sky menu.

Press the arrow 3 times to highlight RF OUT.

Press SELECT and you should end
up with a menu like the one below

Picture of sky menu

Where it says channel number 68,
this is the frequency output that the IO link is set at.

With the arrow button you move down to highlight the RF OUTLET POWER SUPPLY.  Press the arrow to the right to change the power supply from off to the ON position.

The last important thing you have to
do is press the GREEN button on your
sky remote. 
This will save the new settings you have just put in.

For the Sky HD Box
follow the video below on how to
turn the 9 volts on using the setup
Menus on the Sky Box

Video on how to turn on the 9 volts to work IO Link

After you have done all this the IO link should be set up for use.

Then go upstairs to the TV in the bedroom.

Picture of television in bedroom

Don't forget to leave the sky box ON downstairs and put the sky box onto a sky program with a sky logo on it. This will make it easy to make sure you are picking sky up upstairs.

Picture of sky channel with logo

If your upstairs TV has not been re-tuned you should now be getting the picture from the sky box down stairs.

If not, you will have to re-tune the TV in the bedroom.  BUT, do not forget to tune your TV on the analogue tuner of the TV.

Watch out for this problem! 
If you have more than 2 Magic eyes in your house
you will find when you fit an IO link they
will not work. 
The IO link will only work
one magic eye on one cable
The IO link will not work though a
splitter or distribution Amplifier.