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How to re-cable an aerial or sky dish

Re-cable an aerial or Satellite Dish

Plus parts you may use to do the job
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The first place to get to is
the connection box on an aerial or satellitedish
This is the biggest problem as it means working at heights
and really should be done by an experienced aerial fitter who has
all the equipment to get up to your aerial in a safe manor

Picture of an aerial installer working
with heath and safety in mind

But if you are sure you can get
to your aerial or satellite
dish in a safe manor we will proceed
As we where saying you will
need to get to the junction
box on your aerial or satellite dish first.

Picture of cap of an aerial

This is where the aerial cable is fitted to the aerial

Picture showing cable fitting on an aerial

You will need to take the old
cable out of the connection
on the aerial and then fit the new cable

With a satellite dish the connection
is normally an F connector screwed
onto the lnb of the dish

Picture of satellite dish with cables
running from the lnb

For a dish the cable would now run down the wall

But if you are working on a re cable
of an aerial  then run the new cable
down the pole and tape it so
its not dangling in the wind

Picture of new aerial cable taped down aerial pole

At the end of the aerial bracket
you then need to clip the new cable
down to the bottom of the chimney
to where it gos down the roof

Picture of new cable clipped on chimney

The new cable now runs down the roof to the gutter

Picture of cable running down roof

Try and secure the new cable to the roof of the house
you can bend some weir into v shapes and push them under
the slat to hold the new cable in place so it dose not move
in the wind

At the gutter its good to try and get the new aerial cable
down behind the gutter and then it will not rub across the
sharp edge of the gutter

Picture of guttering going around house

When you have the new aerial cable behind the gutter
you can start clipping it down the wall of the house

Drill the hole in the wall for your
entry point for the aerial cable .
This will then be your target
to aim for when clipping the
new aerial cable down the wall
When you are clipping down
a wall you can place the clips
about one meter apart

When you get to the entry
hole you have drilled for the
new aerial cable you need
to form a loop with the cable
lower than the drilled hole
This is called a drip
loop as pictures below

Pictures of drip loops

As you can see this loop will
stop rain water that will come
down the cable from

going into your drilled hole
causing damp in the wall in the future

When you have threaded the
new aerial cable though the hole
you then can fit a weather plate
called a roman nose in the tradeif you like
First make sure you put plenty
of mastic around the entry point of
the new aerial cable
Then put mastic inside the plate
and fit over the new cables entree

 Pictures of weather plate called roman nose in place

This will give you a good weather tight fitting on the entree point on the new aerial cable

On the other side of the drilled hole in the house you can fit a grommet
or a satellite or aerial plate

Picture of Grommet  and a Aerial plate plus a satellite plate

Job Done

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Aerial / satellite cable ,20 Brown clips ,a Brown roman nose
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In this kit We include 2 Satellite f plugs plus
2 x Aerial plugs so it covers what you are about
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Kit 2 

White Cable Repair

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This kit contains
20 meters of White
Aerial / satellite cable ,20 White clips ,a White roman nose
and 2 x Aerial plugs and 2 x Satellite plugs  
also a grommet for the inside wall

In this Kit we include 2 satellite f plugs plus
2 x aerial plugs so it covers what you are about
to re-cable