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How to install aerial wall brackets , poles,and masts

This web page will help You install aerial wall brackets ,poles and

Plus at the bottom of this web page you
will find the parts you need for the install

Well the first topic to talk about is the different wall brackets that can be installed to hold different lengths of aerial pole & masts
Below is a list of the different wall brackets with the
best length of the pole to use with that bracket

The first wall bracket is the 6" wall bracket .
The longest aerial pole i would use on this wall
bracket is a 6ft pole
picture below of 6" Wall Bracket

Picture of 6" aerial wall bracket

The next aerial wall bracket is the 9" aerial wall
The longest pole on this one would be a 8ft
picture below of a 9" wall bracket

Picture of a 9" aerial wall bracket

The next brackets we are going to talk about are the
T & K  range of aerial wall brackets

These brackets are very useful when you have the
aerial installed where there is a over hang on a roof

Picture of T & K Bracket being used

The T & K Size of wall brackets you can get are 


On a T & K bracket you can install a 10ft pole all
the way up to a 20ft pole with the larger of the
brackets used
When you install a T& K Bracket the vertical spacing
between the T and the K Bracket should be not less
than one sixth of the pole length
This means 1ft  between the brackets for every
6 ft of pole
So if you fit a 12ft pole you would have 2 ft between
the T and the K of the installed brackets
When installing any aerial wall bracket you must
drill into the brick or stone to get a good fixing and
when installing a T & K Bracket the T bracket goes to
 the top and the K of the bracket gos to the bottom
as picture below.

Picture of an Aerial T & k Bracket with
the T and the top and the K of the bracket
at the bottom

Terry recommends the following wall

All Parts are sent by first class post or
by myHermes carrier for a fast delivery

6"inch Aerial

Wall Bracket

with 2 U Bolts
plus 4 Bolts to fix bracket to wall


       Picture of a 6 inch wall Bracket
With u Bolts and Fixing Bolts

 9" Inch Aerial Wall Bracket

 2 U Bolts and 4 Fixing Bolts



Picture of a 9 inch Wall
Bracket and u Bolts
plus Fixing bolts

12" Inch 



With 2 x u Bolts and
5 fixing bolts



Picture of a 12 inch T&K Bracket
and u Bolts and Fixing Bolts


18"Inch T&K Brackets

with U Bolts
plus 5 Fixing bolts to attach to wall



Picture of 18 inch T&K Brackets
and u Bolts plus fixing Bolts

If you are thinking of installing a
aerial bracket to a chimney for
information on this please press on
the link below