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Set top aerials or indoor aerials

Set Top Aerials or Indoor Aerials

Picture of set top Aerial

Are set top or indoor aerials any good
Will they do the job and get you a good reception of your Television channels .

Problems when you walk in front of the set top aerial
Or maybe all the channels you should get are not there 
Are you having to move the set top aerial
all the time to get a picture

Some people say they use a set top aerial and get all the channels
never have to move it and the pictures fine all the time

Well its all down to how close you live to your local transmitter  ?
When i say close i mean more than 8 miles away from a main
transmitter and your going to get problems with reception.

How thick are  the walls of your house is also a problem

If you are thinking of using a set top aerial the first thing to
do is have a chat with some of your neighbors ask them
what they are using to get there television pictures
Have a look outside ,
If your neighbors have great big aerials on great big pole,s then theirs not much chance that you are going to get a set top aerial to work
in your house

You may live in a flat and you have no way of installing
an aerial on the outside of the building and your only
option is to use a set top aerial

So if you think its possible to use a set top aerial or maybe
try one

Terry has put the two set top aerials below that he recommends
to do the job if the signal is strong enough

Maxview Truvision Indoor Aerial

Only £13.50
Picture of Set top Aerial

Maxview Amplified Indoor Aerial

Only £17.80

Picture of set top Aerial