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How to fit the second cable needed for a Sky HD record box

How to fit a Second cable for a freesat/Sky Record Box

This web page will show you how to fit that second
 cable to the dish so you can record on your sky HD box
or freesat record box
Also we can provide the parts in the form of a kit
for an inexpensive way
to complete the job yourself

You have just upgraded to a new sky HD box or brought
yourself a nice new freesat record box

Picture of sky HD box

Picture of Freesat Record Box

You start by looking at the back of your new box and find
you have 2 dish connections where your old satellite box
only had one and you find in the instruction book it says
you need 2 cables from your sky dish to record on your
new box

Picture of sky HD box with the 2 dish connections

You then look and find you only have 1 cable
coming in from your dish

The first job to do is to go outside and look up at your dish
You need to look at the LNB
This is the round thing on the end of the arm of the dish
with the cable that runs down
to your sky or freesat box

Picture of dish with a single cable LNB

What we are looking for is the number of outlets
on your lnb this could range from 1 to 4
If you have a 1 output lnb this means you have a single lnb
If you have 4 outlets ,this means you have a quad lnb

Single LNB                      4 outlet LNB

But if you have only one down cable it will be a single LNB

The next step is to change the LNB if you only
have a single cable LNB on your Dish

Now be very careful if you have to use a ladder to get
up to your dish
Please use the link below if you need help on how to use
a ladder the safe way

Link on using ladders the safe way

Once you have located and got to your dish
Be very careful and try not to move the dish
when you remove the LNB

Picture of sky dish with LNB removed

After you have removed the single LNB
You now need to install a quad LNB
onto the arm of the dish

So if you look at the fitting on your new quad LNB
it looks like the picture below

Picture of the new type LNB fitting that
fits over the dish arm

Picture of new LNB fitted to the sky dish

From this point in the install you can go two ways
You can either fit a second single cable down to your
box or you can fit a new twin core cable

Twin Satellite cable       Single satellite cable

Some people fit the twin cable as when you pull the
old single cable out of its hole into the house
You may be able to fit the twin satellite cable through
the old hole as the twin cable has a small bore and is
about the same size as a single 7m cable and it will save
drilling a new hole.

But if you want to fit a new single cable you will
have to drill a new hole for the single cable to get
into the house

When you bring the twin cable or the new single cable
down the wall to the old or new hole don't forget to fit
a drip loop as this will stop water running down the cable
and into the hole and causing damp

The next job after fitting the cable in the hole into
the house is to fit a roman nose on the outside of the
house wall and a grommet on the inside wall to keep
the damp out

Roman nose
fitted on the outside        Wall grommet fitted
                                    on the inside wall

You will also have to fit the new cable or cables
to the new LNB
So you will have to fit  "F "connectors to the new cable
you are going to install
These " F" connectors will screw onto the new LNB to
make the connection between the new cable and the
new LNB
If you need help in fitting a "F" connector please go to
the link below that will take you to our web page on
how to put an "F "connector onto a satellite cable

Once you have fitted the cable into the front room of
your house you will also need to fit a "F" connector
onto new cable you have fitted 

Below are some kits that aerial market have put together
to help you with the job of installing a second cable for
your satellite box

All our kits are sent to you by first class post
 or by myHermes

For Payment

Kit 1

The kit to with the (twin shotgun cable )

for that second cable to record on a

Sky HD Box

Only £39



The kit consists of 15 meters of (sky
shotgun twin cable ), a quad LNB,
15 shotgun cable clips  2 shotgun F connectors,
a roman nose, and a
inside wall grommet .


Kit  2

Single cable kit to add to your cable already
in place to make it a 2 cable system

Only £36

Kit consists of a quad LNB , 15 meters of single cable
 ,15 cable clips ,F connectors ,roman nose ,
and a inside wall grommet