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How to install aerial sky cable without drilling a hole in windows or caravans

How to install an aerial/sky cable without drilling a hole

In the window frame or a caravan wall

If you have the problem of living
in a flat or house that you cannot drill holes
Then if you need an outside aerial
or satellite dish you have a problem.

Or if you have a caravan and you
want to get an aerial or satellite
cable into the caravan without
Drilling the wall of the caravan

This is the solution
The flat aerial satellite cable

This cable can be used in a
window frame or even under a door

Picture of a Flat aerial Satellite Cable

Picture of a Flat Aerial Satellite Cable

It bends to what ever its used
for and the signal still gets through

Picture of a Flat Aerial Satellite Cable in a Van Window

picture of a Flat Aerial Satellite cable in a van Window

Can be used in caravans, lorry's ,Cars ,

You just connect your aerial or
satellite cable to each end and
you can press it in a window
frame or round a tight corner
But it saves  drilling a hole

I have used the product many
times where the tenant of
a property are not allowed to
drill holes or to get an aerial
cable into a vehicle or caravan
with out making a hole

The product comes
with 2 F connectors as well

Picture of Flat aerial satellite cable

Peter from Norwich tried our product and
sent us the following email

Iv been wondering how i was
going to get that aerial cable
into my flat for years
Thanks just the job

The Flat Aerial / Satellite cable

Only £3.99