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How to Install satellite and Aerial splitters Successfully

How to install Satellite and Aerial
Splitters Successfully

The first thing to look at is the weather

If the splitter is going ouside you will
need a waterproof box splitter.

There are 2 type of splitter.

The outdoor Splitter has a water proof cover

Picture of Outside Splitters

Picture of 2 way indoor Splitter

The indoor splitter

So if the splitter is going outside you will need
the outdoor splitter with water proofing.

If its going inside then you can use the indoor
splitter as above without the waterproofing. 

Why DO YOU NOT use a splitter in the cable from
a satellite dish to split a satellite signal?

The next job is to destroy the myth that
you can use a satellite splitter to split the
cable from a satellite dish

The reason  in layman terms is that a signal
from a dish comes into the sky or freesat box
on a vertical wave form or a horizontal wave

When you change channel on your satellite box
it sends a voltage up the cable to the dish.
If the box wants a horizontal wave form it sends
18 volts up the dish cable and if the satellite box
wants a vertical wave form it sends 14 volts up to
the dish cable.

Hope your still with me!

So if you fit a splitter to the dish cable
and connect two satellite boxes onto the
one cable
It would work ok until one of the satellite boxes
wanted a vertical wave form and the other wanted
a horizontal wave form.

So one satellite box will send 18 volts up the cable
and the other satellite box will send 14 volts, 
So the voltage going to the dish would not be
18 or 14 volt and
you would not get the program you wanted.

There are other technical problems but this
explanation gives you some idea what can happen.


If you want to use two satellite boxes of the same
dish then change the LNB to a 4 way LNB
You will see we have a topic page on how to
install Sky multi room

How to use a splitter to split an
Aerial signal Successfully

Picture of House with how to cable for
Aerial multi points

If you are thinking of maybe installing a few more
aerial points around the house or
just splitting an aerial signal two ways,
then a splitter may do the job. 

But do remember that using an aerial splitter
gives a signal loss. 
This means the more times you split a
signal the weaker it gets.
So the stronger you aerial signal is the
more times you can split it.

You probably don't have a signal strength
meter so you would have to work with
trial and error.
What I mean is start by spltting your aerial
signal lets say two ways. If it works ok
then try splitting it three and then try 4. 
If you start getting pixelating on any of the
TVs in the house then the signal has dropped
too low. You would have to reduce
the split until the pictures get better again. 

Picture of TV Pixelating

We are not saying don't use splitters as they
can work very well but they can also
cause problems in your aerial system.
If you follow the information on this
web page you shouldn't have any problems