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How to Improve Bad DAB Radio Signals DIY Aerial market

How to Improve
Your DAB
Radio Signal

Well, most people buy a portable
DAB radio get home switch it on and
find they only have a few channels
or no DAB radio channels at all

The first problem you find that there
is only a small radio aerial on the
radio set that you pull out to its full
length and still have a weak
signal to tune your DAB radio into

So we need to improve the aerial to
improve the reception on the radio

There are several things you can try
like an old metal coat hanger or a
length of cable or even a proper DAB aerial

Picture of make sift DAB Aerial

But the next problem you find
is there are NO external aerial
connections on a DAB portable radio
to connect a DAB radio aerial to .
So here are some idea's that might
help in your task to get a better DAB radio signal

Picture on how to connect an DAB Aerial to a portable Aerial

You could use a crocodile clip attached
to the DAB radio aerial and the other
end connected to a length of cable

You could get a piece of coax cable
which is connected to an DAB aerial
on the outside of your house then
twist the centre core of the coax aerial
cable around the DAB portable
aerial like the picture below

Picture on hoe to connect a DAB Aerial to a Portable Aerial

Or maybe you need to install a
DAB Aerial on the outside of your
house and feed an aerial cable
into the house and connect it to your DAB radio

Picture of a DAB Outside Aerial

So we have coved the best way to
connect some kind of aerial to your
portable radio .Try one of the above you never know