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New House No Signal

New House No Signal

Ok you moved house or Flat
Plugged the Television in
You get the Message
NO Signal

We are going to give you some
information that might save you a
fortune in Engineer fees trying to fix the problem

So lets look behind the TV what's there
You should find a single aerial cable
coming out the wall or some kind
of plate where you plug you aerial cable into

Below are pictures of different
wall plates and what they do

Picture of a single wall plate

This is a Standard Aerial Wall Plate

You should be able to fit a Aerial lead
from this plate to your TV  
Same as the aerial connection below
This also is a standard aerial connection
normally found on a window sill

Picture of a twin Satellite plate

This Plate is used for Satellite connections
If this is all that is on the wall then
the last people that lived in the house
used Sky or Freesat

Picture of a communal Duplex Plate

This Plate is normally found in flats
and means you have a communal system
So if its a communal System this means there
is an aerial or satellite dishthat feeds all the flats
or houses and is normally
the responsibility of the landlord or
maybe the flat maintenance committee
and if you have no signal its best to contact them

Picture of aerial cables coming though wall

Or you might just have cables
coming out the wall with no plate

Ok lets get back to no Signal
So if you have an Aerial cable the first thing to do is
Plug it into the aerial socket on the back of your TV

You may just have a cable with no Aerial Plug on the end of it
If you wish to fit an Aerial Plug onto the cable please click the link below to help you fit an Aerial plug

So you have fitted your aerial plug
or the cable already has an Aerial plug but you still have
No Picture

The next thing I'm going to suggest is HAVE you tuned your TV in
When you move to a new area you may
be on a different Transmitter to where you lived before 
So may have to re-tune your TV to the Transmitter to your new area

Picture of a lady tuning a TV

So you have tried that and still have
No Aerial Signal
Well the next thing to do is
go outside and look up to
the roof and see if there is an Aerial on it

Picture of an aerial on a chimney

If you have an Aerial maybe
it has fallen down
like the picture below

Picture of Aerials fallen down on chimney

If the aerial has fallen
down you can click our guide below

When you look up
You could find you just have a
Dish like the picture below

Picture of Sky dish on wall

If you just have a Dish maybe
the people who lived at the
property before just used a Sky to get
all there television Pictures

Picture of Sky Box

Or maybe they used a
Freesat box to pick up there signals

Picture of Freesat Box

If you look inside the House
and the cables coming in
look like the cables below
Then they used satellite to
get there television Pictures
Picture of 2 Sky cables

This will mean you will
have to get one of the above Boxes to
get a TV Picture

Some times the reason they used
Satellite for there Television signal
was because they live in a bad reception
aera and the satellite was the best Signal

Right back To you have an aerial cable
you have plugged it into your TV
You have tried re-tuning but you still
have No picture on your TV

Well the next job to do is look up at the Aerial
Can you see a box attached to the aerial mast
It normally sits at the bottom of the aerial mast 
Like the picture below

Picture of mast head Amplifier

Its square or could even be round

The reason your looking to see if
you have a box is it could be a mast
head aerial amplifier on your aerial pole
and this aerial amplifier needs power to
work It works on a voltage of 12 volts DC
So behind the TV you would have a 12 volt
Power supply
Looks like the picture below

Picture of 12 volt power Supply

If you haven't got one of these
this could be your problem
As no 12 volts going up the aerial cable means the
mast head amplifier on the aerial pole
is not getting voltage so isn't working

So no signal

The next place to look is in your attic
Iv had people move house and have taken the
Aerial distribution Amplifier with them

Picture of cables left in attic

So if someone has taken the Aerial distribution Amplifier
the cables are just left and look like the picture above

Picture of Distribution Amplifier in Attic

Above is a picture of how an Aerial distribution Amplifier
Should look in your attic

Picture of new cables tied up in attic

If you have moved into a New house that has just been built
The Electrician would have put the Aerial sockets on the walls
Run the aerial cables to the attic
and just left them coiled upon the rafters
So you will need to fit an aerial like the Picture Below

Well your up in the attic cheak that you
have an Aerial up there
If there is not an Aerial on the outside
of the property it might be in the attic

Picture of aerial in attic