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Find a remote control for TV or SKY

Lets Help you Get the
Proper Remote Control for Your TV

We provide a service at
Where we can probably get the original remote control for your Television if yours is broken

How its done

Well all we need is the make and model number from your TV

So if you look at the back of your television

You should see a information label on the back of your TV with this information on

If you look at the Picture Below
you will see the label we are talking about

As you can see from the label above the
Model number is a 26A3002P
and the make of the television is a Toshiba

So the information we would need is

Toshiba 26A30029

Now to get this information to us you can Phone
it through to us or email it

Once we have the Make and Model Number
of your Television  we
will contact you by email or phone
giving you the price of the original remote control
for you television
plus an Order Number to be
used if you order from us

 Then its up to you Once we have given you the price for your
original Remote you then decide if you wish to
purchase the Television Remote Control

If you decide to Purchase the Remote
you would then contact us to tell us you
are going ahead with the purchase
you will then make a payment with the
purchase Order Number witch links
the remote control to you
You then pay the amount quoted
into our Paypal account
You can also phone though a card or
even send a cheque in the Post to us
Then we will post the remote control to you
when its in stock
As simple as that

To contact us with your information on your TV
Please use the following ways to contact us

By Phone 01989 763448

By Email-

Don't forget to make sure we have
 your phone number or email
address so we can contact you
with the Price of your Remote

If you like the price
we quote you for
the remote control
for your Television you then use
the follow in ways pay

By Phone 01989 763448
  be ready with your card
and your Order Number

Or you could Pay the amount into our Paypal account at
Don't forget to use your 
 Order  Number
as a reference

For Sky Remote Controls use the link Below