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How to wall mount your TV

To install a TV on a
wall we must first look
at the TV wall Bracket's
we are going to use plus
the wall itself we are
Fitting the TV onto

Picture of TV on Wall Bracket

Lets start with the TV Wall Brackets
Basically there are 2 Different types
You have the Flat on the wall type
like the Picture Below

Picture of TV Wall Bracket

Or the swivel Wall Bracket
like the Picture Below

Picture of a Swivel TV Wall Bracket

When you Buy your TV Wall Bracket
you need to make sure
that its made to carry
the weight of your TV Normally
you will find this is
advertised by the size of the TV

Picture of Add for TV Wall Bracket

Once your have made your
choice of TV Bracket
The next job is to install it on the wall

Warning Before you carry out any Drilling
First use a Voltage Detector and check for
Live Cables behind the Plasterboard

Picture of a voltage Detector 

The easiest wall to fit a TV Bracket to is 
a Brick or rendered wall this
should be straight forward
to fit a TV bracket to as you can
get a good strong hold onto the wall
as you can use Screws and wall plugs

                  Picture of brick wall

Picture of screw and
Raw Plug in Brick Wall

When installing the TV on the wall
You will need to get it in the right
So you need to mount the one part of
the bracket onto the back of the TV
But make sure when you put the TV face
down its on something soft so you
don't mark the screen

Picture of Brackets being installed on back of TV

You then need to measure from the
top of the TV down to the
top of the bracket you
have just fitted onto the
back of the TV
as this is where the
 TV that will hook onto
the bracket on the wall

Picture of how the 2 parts of the TV wall
Bracket fit together

You will then need to install the
second part of the TV wall bracket
on the wall

Picture of fitting TV wall Bracket to wall

Make sure you use some kind of
spirit level as you need
the TV to be straight
Picture of TV wall bracket
               with Sprit Level

Then look at your viewing position
as you don't want a
crick in you neck when watching TV

Picture of how you should position TV wall bracket

Last of all when you install
the one part of the TV Bracket
on the wall you have to make sure
it a good strong fitting as you
don't want your TV falling off
the wall

Picture of TV fallen off wall

One of the Biggest Problems we have is
When you have to install a TV Bracket
on a Plaster Board Wall

You need to tap the wall with your fist
if you find you get a hollow sound back then you have a plasterboard wall

This can be a big Problem to fit a TV Wall Bracket as you cannot fit a TV wall Bracket on Plasterboard as the weight of the TV will pull the TV of the wall

Picture of Ripped Plasterboard
 after TV Fell off Wall

We are going to try to give you some idea's that might help you install a TV Bracket
onto a plasterboard wall

What you need is to get the screws that are going to hold the TV Bracket to the wall
into the wood battening behind the
Plasterboard for a strong hold

Picture of the Battening that
make up a Plasterboard wall 

When you try to fit a TV Bracket
you will find that as you screw the
the TV Bracket to the plasterboard wall
the wood battening is never where
the screw holes are on
the TV Wall Bracket

Picture of a voltage Detector 
Warning Before you carry out any Drilling
Or tapping nails in to Plasterboard
First use a Voltage Detector and check for
Live Cables behind the Plasterboard

The first thing to do is try and find where
the wood battening is behind the Plasterboard

You can use an electronic joist
and mains cable finder  

Picture of Electronic Stud Finder

Or if you get a small nail
you can tap it though
the Plaster board until
you find the wood battening

Picture of Stud finding
with Hammer and small nail

Once you have found the battening
or studwork behind the plasterboard
You should be able to mark on the
plasterboard where they are

Marking the Plasterboard wall
where the battening is behind

Once you have established where the battening behind the wall is you can now fit a wood frame
like the picture below

Picture of wood frame to screw TV Wall Bracket to

You can then screw your TV wall Mount
Bracket to the wood frame

This way of installing your TV Wall Bracket onto a Plasterboard Wall will make sure that the TV Bracket will not RIP off the wall as the wall
Bracket is fixed to the wood battening behind
the plaster board

Another problem we have is Dabbing
This is when the Plasterboard has been
put on walls using dabs of plaster
like the picture below

Picture of someone dabbing

This causes a problem that the Plasterboard
is pressed against the wall
But when this is done we find there
is a cap of around 2 inches between
the plasterboard and the wall

So when you fit your wall
bracket and tighten the screws
the bracket disappears
into the plasterboard into
the hollow between
the plasterboard and wall

So the best way to solve this problem is to drill your wall
though the plasterboard and fit the raw plug into the wall
then fit a spacer the length of the cap between the wall and
surface of the plasterboard

Picture of Spacers

So when you tighten the screw it
tightens onto the spacer instead of
the plaster board

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Below we have some Products you can
Buy that will help your with
TV Wall Bracket

5 Meter TV Mains Cable 

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When you install a Television on a wall
You normally find that the TV Mains cable
is not long
So get your self a 5 meter Figure 8
mains cable

1 Length of White Box Conduit

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This White Box Conduit
Has a Sticky back
So you just pull the
backing off and it sticks
to the wall without drilling

90 Degree Aerial
coax Plug

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This Aerial plug is used
when you have little room
between the television and the
Wall after
installing your TV on the Wall

HDMI Angled Adapter

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Picture of HDMI Angled Adapter

Used when there's not much room
between the TV and the wall