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How to Watch Sky HD or Freesat HD in another Room using only 1 Box

How to Watch Sky/Freesat HD Programs in two rooms

The item to use is the New Mark 2 HDMI Extender.

As you can see it works by sending the HD signal
from your Sky /Freesat box thought Cat 5/6 cable
This then is converted back into HD at the other box
that is connected to the second TV by a HDMI Cable

Picture of a Diagram of how the HDMI Extender works
Plus a picture of the MK2 Version HDMI Extender

So if you have a TV in the bedroom
and want to get your SKY or Freesat
HD quality Pictures on it then
 HDMI Extender will do the job 

Works with any HD set top box, SKY HD,
Freesat, Freeview etc

Take your Sky/Freesat Remote control to
bed with you and change channels from your bedroom.

 Pictures of Sky Freesat Remote Controls    

The best part of this System is you
only have to fit a cat5/6 cable between
your bedroom and front room. 
This is a much smaller cable than a
HDMI cable and you can fit up to
50 meters with out losing
any quality of the HD Picture

You can buy Cat5/6 cables all different lengths
with moulded RJ 45 Plugs on each end
These are ok but if you need to get a
cable thought a hole you have to drill a hole
as big as the RJ45 plug which can look very messy. 

If you wish to fit your own RJ 45 Plugs onto
Cat5/6 cable please look at the web page below

If you wish to see how to fit cat 5/6 cable
plus the RJ 45 Plugs onto the end of the
cable please click the link below


HD On 2 TV's at same time

Only £59.99

Picture of HDMI Ex50 HD on 2 TV,s

This unit can be used to send HD Signals to a second Television in another room and also use a Remote control to change channels from another room

In the Box you get a Transmitter Box, a
Receiver Box Plus a 5 volt Power Supply
and a IR Remote Sender & Receiver  

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information on this item

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